What is study visa?

A student visa is one of those visas which is given to the student who wishes to study abroad. When you wish to study abroad, your first focus should be upon having all the necessary documents so that the further process can go without any kind of problem. The most important part is having all the necessary proof which allows you to get things done effectively.

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What Are The Different Visa Types I Need?

The category for the student visa types is divided into:

Classification based on program duration

As per the application requirement, the student visa is divided into long-term student visas and short-term student visas. The visa duration for both is divided into:

  • Short Term Course: 90 Days (3 Months)
  • Long Term Course: 3 Months
Classification based on program or student type

Apart from the course duration, the countries will make the classification of the student visa based on the student. The application is based on the:

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Doctoral degree
  • Graduate degree
  • Exchange student
  • Vocational or Diploma Course

Which Are The Different Documents Required For The Student Visa Application?

For every country, the immigration requirements are different and so do the documents they need. Here are the documents which are needed frequently:-

  • Valid passport :- A valid passport is required for various countries and depending on the place you are going the validity will vary. In certain countries, the validity is allowed to be extended after the course ends or it is valid till the time the course does not end.
  • Give the necessary proof :-The proof is the key requirement for wherever you want to go as it tells that you are a bonafide student.
  • Financial Lucidity :- Most countries not only check that you can bear the expenses of your course but you need to have enough funds till the time you stay.
  • Language Proficiency:- You need to show the proof that you can communicate and this way you won’t have any sort of stress. Your ability will be checked through the English proficiency test..

The Journey of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a unique experience, so we advise students to take full advantage of it while still learning as much as possible. Now is the moment to get ready to dive in. Let’s get going!

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How Can I Extend My Student Visa?

Depending on the course you have opted for, you will be given a visa. If the permit expires before your course is done, you need to get it renewed so that there is not any problem. On average, the renewal is best to be done 30 days before the permit expires. If you wish to know about the same, then get in touch with our team to get better clarity on the same.

Complete Degree

If you want to study for extended period abroad, get a degree of associates degree, curriculum, diploma, graduation and postgraduate certificate, graduate, master and doctorate from the country.