Why Study in the USA?

After UK and US, United States of America is a good study destination in the world with a huge number of Universities and Colleges that offer highly valuable degrees. It not only promises a world-class education but also provides a comfortable lifestyle and a multicultural vibrant environment that progresses rapidly. The USA is known for its expertise in technology, strong government policies, effective laws, and powerful defense system. This excellence in all fields makes it the best country for higher studies. The universities offer good research programs which open up the gates for brilliant career options for international students. The students passing from USA universities secure good jobs and are exposed to a healthy work environment.

Along with these, the United States of America (USA) is famous for:
  • Career-Specific Courses: the USA has one of the strongest economies in the world and offers career-specific courses to the students which prepare students for any challenges in life.
  • International degrees: The degree of this nation is globally recognized so students can get employment anywhere in the world after completing their studies in the USA.
  • Progressive Campus life and First Class education: The campus lifestyle and education system of Educational Institutes of the USA is first class which is the major attraction for International Students. The USA has many highest-ranked international Universities.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: the USA provides a supportive environment to the students. So, students feel free to clear their problems and doubts in the classroom.

How to Apply for Study Visa in the USA

USA Study Visa Process

If you have a dream to pursue study in the USA but are not a citizen then you will need a study permit to get a degree from the USA. To apply for a USA visa can be a long process so prepare your documents well in advance to avoid any problems it is recommended to apply for your visa at least five months before your course begins. The process of visa application begins after receiving of I-20, which confirms the acceptance of students and enrollment in the US university / College.

  • Pay the fee of SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)
  • Pay the visa fee.
  • Then, complete the application form for a visa
  • Book an appointment for a visa interview
  • Finally, attend the visa interview.

The team of Pyramid will help you throughout the process, by giving proper assistance.

Work While Study in the USA

Earn while Studying

Work opportunities for part time can help you to earn enough to cut your daily expenses. But you should decide first the reason to get a job whether it is to reduce the burden of your course fee or to gain some work experience. Remember, however, that as an International Student, you can’t simply go out and get any desirable job. There are some rules that students must follow. Before you start finding a job in the USA as a student, contact your Designated School Official (DSO). Then, DSO will guide you throughout the procedure of applying for a Social Security Number which is required for all students working in the U.S., and help you through various steps.

    Employment Opportunities:
  • There are four ways for International Students to work legally in the U.S. on an F1 (student) visa:
  • On-Campus Employment: On-campus employment makes students eligible to work on campus or at an ‘educationally affiliated off-campus location”. So, you are free to work in your campus like a bookstore, library, cafeteria, etc. Allowed working hours are limited to 20 hours per week during your course but full-time during holidays and vacation periods.
  • Off-Campus Employment: Off-campus employment opportunities are available for those students who have completed their one-full academic year in the U.S. To apply for off-campus employment, you must have approval from the DSO. After getting approval, you can work off-campus 20 hours per week.
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT): CPT is designed to give you real-world experience in your study field like an internship etc. But you must have completed one full academic year to be eligible for CPT. With CPT, there is no weekly hour limit. Students with CPT are allowed to do full-time jobs.
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT): OPT is temporary employment related to the study field by which eligible students can get up to 12 months of OPT employment.

Direct Tie Ups



QS Ranking 2023


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)



Stanford University



Harvard University



California Institute of Technology (CalTech)



University of Chicago



University of Pennsylvania



Yale University



Columbia University



Princeton University



Cornell University


S.No Name Location
1 Wheelock College
2 Morrisville State College
New York
3 California State University
ONCAMPUS California
Monterey Bay
4 University of North Texas Texas
5 University of Maryland Baltimore
6 Claremont Graduate University California
7 University of Nebraska Lincoln
8 Brandeis International Business School Massachusetts
9 University of St Thomas Minnesota
10 Bay State College Boston
11 Iona State College Newyork

Channel Tie Ups

S.No Name Location
1 Arkansas State University Arkansas
2 University Of Alabhama Alabama
3 University Of Northern Arizona Arizona
4 Montana State University  
5 University Of Newhaven Connecticut
6 Hartford University Connecticut
7 Post University Connecticut
8 San Jose State University California
9 University Of California – Riverside California
10 University Of California – Fresno California
11 Florida Institute Of Technology Florida
12 Florida International University Florida
13 St. Leo University Florida
14 Bradley University ILLINOIS
15 University Of Devry ILLINOIS
16 Northeastern ILLINOIS University ILLINOIS
17 University Of Missouri Missouri
18 Southeast Missouri State University Missouri
19 Missouri Science & Technology Missouri
20 North East Missouri State University Missouri
21 Lawrence Technological University Michigan
22 Northern Michigan University Michigan
23 Grand Valley State University Michigan
24 Longisland University New-York
25 Rochester University Of Technology New-York