Why Study in Canada?

Reasons to Join Canadian Institutes

A huge number of collective courses with practical approaches makes Canada a good destination to study abroad. The foremost goal of the Canadian Education System is to make students successful in every aspect of life. International Students holding a Canadian degree can work across the globe in highly reputable sectors. Many diplomae and degree programs are available for students from different countries in Canadian academic institutes.

International students can continue their Education in Canada’s top Universities because of the reasonable fee structure as compared to other nations. Canadian degrees are well reputed. Students can also work while studying to get benefits from certain Internship opportunities. Moreover, there is a huge number of benefits of studying in Canada.

1. Multicultural Society:

Canada provides a multicultural environment to International students. Students from different parts of the world are studying in Canadian Institutes so it is the main attraction of Canadian Institutes. Toronto and Ontario are declared the best International cities by Fortune Magazine.

2. Canadian Lifestyle:

Canada is the best residential area in the world according to the UN survey. Canada is ranked number One for the past 9 consecutive years. Canada gets a high score because of its high-quality Education System, less crime rate, less violence, reasonable living costs, etc.

3. Work Opportunities:

Students can work part-time in Canada during their academic courses by which they can be able to pay their daily expenses. The maximum duration of part-time work is 20 hours/Week. Where students who have opted co-op program can work full time.

4. Living Standard:

International students usually get fascinated by the living style of Canadians because they have one of the highest living standards. Major cities of Canada have a variety of shopping centers, art centers, restaurants, Colleges, Universities, etc. Moreover, post-secondary campuses in Canada are wired with the latest in sophisticated technology.

5. Reasonable Expenses:

The inflation rate of Canada is very low as compared to industrial countries, in the past three years. Tuition fees for foreign students in Canada are much lower than their counterparts in competing countries. Moreover, the educational quality of Canadian Institutes is excellent at very affordable fees. So, admissions to Canadian Institutes are more competitive for Students from different nations.

How to Apply for Canadian Study Visa

Canada Study Visa Process

Students must have a Canadian Study Permit to Study in Canada. The application can be applied Online or through a paper application. This paper application can be obtained from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. But it is recommendable to check the processing time in advance as Paper Applications typically take about twice as long.

Here is the process for obtaining a Canadian Student Visa:

1. Check the processing time: The procedure of visa application usually takes 3-4 weeks. So, students must go through the Canadian consulate website to know the approximate time required for the process of a student visa. Always remember, the time shown on the website is just an estimate, not a guarantee.

2. Determine your way to apply: There are two ways to apply for Student Visa.

  Online: Students must have access to a scanner or camera to generate a copy of their documents for uploading and a valid credit card for fee payment for applying for a Visa online.

  In-person: Download the application form after reading the instructions carefully. Complete your application form with the help of these instructions.

3. Fill out a consent form to get the full assistance Visa Filing Process. You can get the help of consultants for this process.

4. Pay Processing Fee: Visa fees in addition to embassy charges must be paid to complete the application process. This processing fee is non-refundable. Moreover, if your spouse/common-law partner/children are accompanying you on your temporary visa, then appropriate processing fees must be paid for them.

5. Submit your application: After processing the fee, submission of the application form is a must. The student will receive a receipt containing the unique tracking number.

6. After successful approval of your visa application, candidates will receive a notification requesting a passport by the Canadian Government. Students should not worry about their visa process, Pyramid provides proper guidance about the application process.

Work While Study in Canada

Earn while Studying

International Students have the opportunity of working in Canada during their studies. By this, they can earn enough to pay their daily expenses. Permission of working hours is different according to the type of course. Usually, students can work up to 20 hours per week during the course and can work full time during the vacations. There is an ample number of Colleges and Universities which offer Co-op/internship programs to students. Canada offers many work permit programs to International Students, their spouses, or common-law partners.

1. Working off-campus: Students have permission to work while studying for 20 hours a week during academic sessions. They are allowed to work full time in their scheduled breaks.
2. Co-op/ internships: These programs are available for such International students, for whom intended employment is an essential part of their study program, as certified by their Canadian academic institution.
3. On-campus work opportunities: Students having valid study permits are eligible to work on-campus at Canadian institutions.



SDS InstitutionProvinceDLI No
Bow Valley CollegeAlbertaO19273769422
Lakeland CollegeAlbertaO18777577472
Medicine Hat CollegeAlbertaO18795445892
NorQuest CollegeAlbertaO18795996622
Northern Alberta Institute of TechnologyAlbertaO18713200642
Camosun College BritishColumbiaO19361235542
College of New CaledoniaBritish ColumbiaO19360977332
College of the RockiesBritish ColumbiaO19377233362
Columbia CollegeBritish ColumbiaO19279591302
Douglas CollegeBritish ColumbiaO19360973702
Kwantlen Polytechnic UniversityBritish ColumbiaO19350676872
Langara CollegeBritish ColumbiaO19319074622
LaSalle CollegeBritish ColumbiaO19283933672
North Island CollegeBritish ColumbiaO19301182602
Northern LightsBritish ColumbiaO19395299444
Okanagan CollegeBritish ColumbiaO19395299488
Selkirk CollegeBritish ColumbiaO19360990072
University of The Fraser ValleyBritish ColumbiaO19395299642
Vancouver Community CollegeBritish ColumbiaO19279717512
Vancouver Island UniversityBritish ColumbiaO19395299688
Assiniboine Community CollegeManitobaO19201282282
Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology(formerly WTC)ManitobaO19391828428
Red River College of Applied Arts, Science & TechnologyManitobaO19305836302
Algonquin CollegeOntarioO19358971022
Cambrian College of Applied Arts & TechnologyOntarioO19394699409
Canadore CollegeOntarioO19395535239
Centennial College of Applied Arts & TechnologyOntarioO19394700003
Conestoga CollegeOntarioO19376158572
Confederation College of Applied Arts & TechnologyOntarioO19376986752
Durham CollegeOntarioO19361081012
Fanshawe College of Applied Arts & TechnologyOntarioO19361039982
Fleming CollegeOntarioO19303189722
George Brown CollegeOntarioO19283850612
Georgian College of Arts & TechnologyOntarioO19395677361
Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced LearningOntarioO19376943122
Lambton College of Applied Arts & TechnologyOntarioO19305293332
Loyalist College of Applied Arts & TechnologyOntarioO19359011572
Mohawk College of Applied Arts & TechnologyOntarioO19376045902
Niagara CollegeOntarioO19396019469
Northern CollegeOntarioO19315830082
Sault CollegeOntarioO19395677683
Seneca College of Applied Arts & TechnologyOntarioO19395536013
Sheridan College Institute of Technology & Advanced LearningOntarioO19385946782
St Clair College of Applied Arts & TechnologyOntarioO19395083703
St Lawrence CollegeOntarioO19332845222
Lasalle CollegeQuebecO19358462986
Parkland CollegeSaskatchewanO19425521569
Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formerly SIAST)SaskatchewanO19425521849



NON SDS InstitutionProvince
UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBAWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
TRINITY WESTERN UNIVERSITYGlover Road Langley, British Columbia, Canada
DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITYHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITYWolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada