Some Interesting Facts to “Learn French”¬†French is the only language along with English that is being spoken on all five continents. More than 220 million people speak French the world over and French is also the second most widely learned language after English. The French language has grown so much since 1945 world war II, in fact since then it has seen a 300% rise in the number of people who speak it. Standard French is the most spoken version of the language and has been the official language of France since the 16th century

This version is based on the dialect of Paris and although there are other versions of the language, they’re often similar and will be understood by those people who do speak standard French. Now, French is the first and/or second official language of more than 29 countries including Canada, Belgium, Haiti, Madagascar, Monaco, and Niger. Learning the French Language will give you wide exposure to broad opportunities in Career, Study, or immigration plans.

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